Football – possibly the best sport for girls


One of the best things about football is that it isn’t only for boys. Girls play just as well, often with finer motor control, greater concentration and a natural flair for footwork. Maybe that’s why women’s football is now the fastest growing sport on earth!


Girls have always been just as welcome as boys in our classes. They join us to have fun in a low-pressure environment, improving their skills, fitness and confidence, and making new friends while they do so. A lot of girls like to play in the same classes as their male friends and siblings, and this works really well up to a certain age. And demand has led to us introducing a girls-only class in Hatfield.


“Dave is an excellent coach. Very engaging and aims to develop all the children to be the best that they can be. His sessions always seem to be fun and, indirectly, always developing some technical or tactical skill. My child has really enjoyed the sessions and plays with a smile on her face in his sessions. Her skills have developed during the short time with Dave and playing with more confidence. What more can you ask for in a coach!”


We are now part of the highly successful Wildcats initiative by The FA.


Girls-only Wildcats class

Ages 5 to 11

Saturday 9.00 am


FA Wildcats centre

Bishop’s Hatfield Girls’ School

Woods Ave


AL10 8NL



Girls Football


1. Boost confidence


81% of parents have said that their daughters have increased in confidence since attending Wildcats sessions.

Girls Football


2. Meet new friends


Wildcats sessions are a great way for young girls to meet new friends. 71% of parents have said that this is true for their daughter.

Girls Football


3. Getting active


With regular fun and engaging sessions at Wildcats, this is a great way for girls 5-11 to get and stay active, whilst taking their first steps in to trying football for the first time or with other girls their own age.

Girls Football


4. Introduction to football


Wildcats provides a fun and friendly environment for girls to play football. Whether it’s for the first time or they’re simply wanting to play with other girls their age – Wildcats caters for everyone.



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