Our classes are all about fun, participation and confidence-building. We welcome boys and girls of any age and ability, from absolute beginners to competitive talent.

Our FA-accredited coaches look for each child’s strengths, helping them to develop their skills and self-confidence both on and off the pitch, while having loads of fun learning excellent football skills.

We give children a positive introduction to sport by teaching high-quality football skills in a friendly, pressure-free environment.

Grassroots football at its best


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Premier Skills Academy


“Fabulous football club with great culture and lovely coaches who really care about the kids. Kids are kept busy with matches and training is fun and interactive.”



Why more and more parents are choosing football classes for their kids


The enjoyment of football has made it the most popular sport in the world. Children love football classes, and we structure our classes around maximum fun, participation and progression.


Football involves continuous action and running at different speeds, which both make a huge difference to children’s fitness and agility. Improved fitness leads to increased confidence and self-esteem.


Children who play in teams are known to be more confident, with better social skills and bigger friendship groups. Fair play is essential in football, and kids learn the importance of communication, cooperation and respect.


Football can be played anywhere by anyone, the rules are straightforward and no expensive equipment is needed. Once children have the basic skills, there’s no limit to the levels of skills they can learn.


Football is one of the only sports that suits people of different heights, builds and strengths, and where girls play alongside boys. Different positions need different abilities, so everyone can find and work to their own strengths.



 Football is not a collision sport so carries a lower risk of injury than rougher team sports. Premier Skills Academy abides by all safety requirements for Covid compliance.




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