Why Premier Skills Academy?


Early development is key. Get the right football training from the very start!


If you’re looking to learn how to play football or want to take your skills to the next level, you’re in the right place. Why? Because I’m a qualified (FA Level 3) football coach who has been helping kids and older players successfully develop their skills and knowledge of the game since 1997. I cover the London and Hertfordshire area, working with all ages and levels of ability, and I run a football club in Hatfield.



Low-pressure, high-quality


Why Premier Skills Academy?You'll find that my kids' football training courses get the best out of you through high-quality technical coaching in a no-pressure atmosphere, allowing you to build the confidence that’s essential to being a successful footballer. Classes are small, so you get individual attention, and there’s a very big emphasis on progressive learning and game situations – not just lots of drills.


  • Small class sizes
  • From beginners to advanced
  • Links with professional clubs and scouts
  • Friendly, fun, unpressured environment
  • Progressive learning
  • Specialist skills in kids’ football training           
  • Affordable payment plans



Get on course to becoming a better player.

Our unique, proven kids' football training courses are extremely effective, great fun and very affordable.

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