121 football coaching


Football is a team sport, but players will see the biggest improvement to their game with high-quality one-to-one coaching.

We provide 121 coaching for any age and ability – from helping beginners to gain confidence, to enabling talented players to hone their skills to get them to the next level.

Premier Skills Academy also provides 121 coaching as an excellent alternative to the gym. Adults can enjoy getting fit through a series of challenging football-based personal training sessions.


Try us out and if you do not enjoy the session you do not have to pay.


What’s great about 121 coaching with Premier Skills Academy


Developing individual skills is too often overlooked in team training, where the focus is mainly on team results.

Knowing what to look for and how to over come any issues players may face is a sign of a great coach.

We have over 22 years of football training and coaching experience, working with both amateur and professional players. We’re perfectly placed to progress beginners, aspiring youth academy players and adults, by focusing on individual skill improvement across their attacking, defending or midfield game.



“Really good and professional club. Would definitely recommend signing up”



Aspiring academy players

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Individual analysis of your child’s technical and tactical game

Tailored weekly sessions designed to nurture their talent and help them shine

Catch-up masterclass

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Skills boost – ideal If your child is new to football or finding certain aspects challenging

Covering all of the basic football skills they need to play fun attacking football with their friends

PT sessions for adults

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Ditch the gym!

Get fit through a series of challenging football-based personal training sessions

Also available for small private groups




Premier Skills Academy 121 coaching is:


  • Led by FA Youth Award Level 3 head coach David Williams
  • Tailored to match your individual needs
  • Designed to cover all aspects of play, from basic to advanced football skills
  • High tempo and educational, improving the skills that matter in the real game
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to take their game to the next level or simply gain a boost in confidence



One-to-one football coaching – locations

121 coaching can take place at any of our normal training areas around St Albans & Hatfield, Hertfordshire.


We have portable floodlights to light up whole field areas, so it’s no problem if you want evening sessions during the winter.

Call us on 07905 557535 to find out more info.


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121 coaching costs £40 per 60- to 90-minute session. You can pay for each session in cash or by bank transfer. Book as many sessions as you want up front, although booking ahead guarantees availability.


 We don’t offer free taster sessions for 121 coaching. 


Benefits of 121 coaching


MINDSET Making improvements, setting goals and bouncing back from failure, resulting in improved self-esteem and confidence
MENTAL SKILLS Enhanced concentration, decision making, communication and determination
MENTAL RESILIENCE Enjoying pushing yourself – and performing well – out of your comfort zone
BALANCE, STABILITY & COORDINATION Improved balance and muscle group coordination, which increase your body's ability to deal with challenging tasks. In football this leads to better agility, quicker reaction times and improved overall performance.
BALL SKILLS Kicking variations, first touch, dribbling, turns, heading, shielding, scanning
OFF-BALL SKILLS Finding space, creating space, body shape, tackling, scanning
AGILITY Being nimble on your feet and able to move quickly from one movement pattern to another. Agility training improves flexibility and control, helping you to maintain proper alignment and posture.
MOBILITY Flexibility in the range of motion through muscles and joints. Vital in reducing the risk of injuries, plus improving technique and range of movement.
AEROBIC CAPACITY The ability to exercise for extended periods without tiring. Aerobic exercise reduces the risk of many conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and stroke.
ANAEROBIC CAPACITY The key factor behind intense efforts, like sprinting. Anaerobic exercise helps boost metabolism as it builds and maintains lean muscle.
ATHLETICISM Physical strength and fitness, combining all of the above factors, leading to improved self-confidence and better performance in football.


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