"Dave is an excellent coach.  Very engaging and aims to develop all the children to be the best that they can be. His sessions always seems to be fun and, indirectly, always developing some technical or tactical skill . My child has really enjoyed the sessions and plays with a smile on her face in his sessions.  Her skills have developed during the short time with Dave and playing with more confidence.  What more can you ask for in a coach!"
Matthew Tang

"Fabulous football club with great culture and lovely coaches who really care about the kids. Kids are kept busy with matches and training is fun and interactive. My son has been with the club for over 7 years and loves it. Dave has created a great environment to learn and develop for kids of all ages.Premier skills Is great value for money."
Kirsty Kyiacou
"My son joined a little later in the year, but I was supported over the phone and guided well with what was expected very quickly. My son absolutely loves coaching with Premier Skills Academy, they are a very professional and approachable crew."
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"Skilled coaches, proving a fun and enjoyable environment for learning the game. Son has been attending since reception age and loves going."
Gavin Khanna

"My son has played with Premier Skills for just over a year now and loves it.  He moved from another team where he got subbed a lot but David and the other coaches ensure everyone plays a fair game every week.  They are given lots of encouragement and taught skills and how to better themselves.  There is lots of praise and constructive encouragement.  I’m really pleased I switched teams for my son and he’s happier here now as a result.  David has been a coach for many years and knows what he’s talking about."
Alison Fitch

"Really good and professional club. Would definitely recommend signing up."
Victoria Achilefu

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